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Dear President Trump:


I am writing to ask you to spare the life of Dustin Higgs, who is now on federal death row, facing an inhumane punishment for a crime he evidently did not commit. In 1996, Mr. Higgs was merely an innocent witness, a scapegoat, for the murder of three women. Yet, Willis Haynes, the actual killer who has confirmed Mr. Higgs’ innocence, has been sentenced to life in prison– a substantially lesser punishment for a far more severe crime. Despite his troubled childhood and the countless hardships he has faced in his early life, Dustin has since grown up to become a model prisoner and a dedicated parent who has painfully endured the mental and physical turmoil surrounding his involvement in this case. 

While the crime was tragic, Dustin has undeniably proven his innocence. His role does not warrant a death sentence. Mr. Higgs has been prosecuted on a new theory supported by the contested testimony of highly suspected co-defendant Victor Gloria, who has secured a beneficial deal in exchange for his cooperation. Death is irrevocable. As his lawyers state, “A federal death verdict should not rest on such a flimsy basis.” 

When making a decision about Mr. Higgs, the jury that sentenced him did not have a full picture of his life, as a result of the failure of the defense counsel to conduct an adequate investigation at trial. Dustin’s early life was marked by instances of domestic violence, trauma, and loss. Additionally, Mr. Haynes, the murderer himself, stated in writing that Dustin was distraught after he had witnessed Haynes shoot the victims. Dustin had only planned to drop the women off at the side of the road. Evidence has countlessly proven Mr. Higgs’ innocence. 

It has recently been confirmed that Mr. Higgs has tested positive for COVID-19. Due to his battle with this deadly disease, Mr. Higgs will be restricted from not only visiting loved ones, but also from speaking with his own attorneys. I hope that you can take this opportunity to show that no one knows more about compassion and mercy than you do. 

As President, please show us that there is justice in this justice system. Please have mercy upon the death of an innocent life and out of the goodness of your heart, please grant clemency for Mr. Higgs. We want to see an honest man live. Thank you for considering this request.



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